Large Human Sized Dog Bed
Large Human Sized Dog Bed
Large Human Sized Dog Bed

Large Human Sized Dog Bed

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The Fluffy Human Size Dog Bed - Designed To Be The Best Bed You & Your Pet Have Ever Slept On.
It's made from 100% high-quality, skin-friendly fabric, to provide a cozy and relaxing spot for your furry friend. The raised edge also helps to keep your pup's head and neck supported while they're snoozing. Plus, its orthopedic foam fits perfectly to the bones so that they don't end up on a hard surface.
Human Dog Bed - This extra-large dog bed is a home for both you and your pet. Super cozy, well-made, and convenient, this bed is perfect for lazy humans and their fluffy friends alike. You'll never have to fight over the sheets again!
Washable & Waterproof - Our Human Dog Bed has a waterproof mattress with a removable cover and is machine washable. It's perfect for dogs of all shapes and sizes, whether they're on the bench or in a kennel. It's so easy to take care of, and it's made with happiness in mind.
Relieve Stress & Anxiety - The Human Dog Bed is a great way for both you and your pup to get a massage at the same time. This clever design has a built-in, no-slip surface to help keep your dog from sliding around when they're getting their belly rubbed, while also giving you all the benefits of a massage!

✔ Heavenly Soft for the perfect sleep
✔ Warm and Breathable
✔ Anti-slip rubber bottom
✔ Has proven to relieve pet's anxiety by providing a safe nest
✔ Easy to Clean - Fully machine washable

✔ Material: Plush, Polyester, Foam
✔ Size:

  • Medium: 5.25 x 2.95 x 1 Feet
  • Large: 6.06 x 3.77 x 1.15 Feet

✔ Weight :

  • Medium: 11Lbs 
  • Large: 22Lbs

✔ Color: Grey


Package Content:
✔  Human Sized Pet Bed  x1